The Author Of Sweet Destiny and Release The Ink

Author Bernadette Watkins

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Welcome to the site designed for Author Bernadette Watkins. If you haven't purchased your copy of "Sweet Destiny",Get it Today! This is an inspirational story for everyone to who loves to be inspired through words of love and poetry. "Release The Ink" is Bernadette's first inspirational poetry book. Get your Copy! 

Bernadette Watkins lives in Alabama. She is the author of "Sweet Destiny"! Currently her book can be found online at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Borders and more. Sweet Destiny is a fairytale love story which includes poetry. Sweet Destiny is filled with inspiration and valuable information for everyone. Also, don't forget to grab your copy of "Heart Crush" a beautiful love story for all to enjoy.  Bernadette has published her first book of poetry, "Release The Ink". She is inspired by Mya Angelou. Currently Bernadette is working on publishing more books. Welcome to her page and Leave some feedback! Thanks for your support!! (Inspiration Diva)