My Books My Books Sweet Destiny A fiction novel written to inspire everyone. It's been nine years since the death of her father and Arianna wants to make sure that her mother is well. Catherine Waters has two children, Sarina and Arianna, both are as different as night and day. Arianna, a newspaper editor, is never satisfied. Sarina, a dance teacher, cares for the happiness of others. Catherine raised both of her children to be upright citizens and taught them right from wrong. She is the successful owner of Sweet Things Bakery. It's been a long time since Sarina has been in the coma, but Catherine and Arianna will not give up on her. Nine years and she still lies there looking so peaceful and content. The doctor asked Catherine before to let him know what she wanted to do, but never would she let go. She always believed that Sarina would return home to this world as if nothing had ever happened. Arianna and Catherine face many challenges with their loved one lying comatose for such a period of time. Nevertheless, giving up was not an option. They pray everyday for Sarina to awaken. No one knows what the future holds and no one knows what tomorrow brings. Sarina's family will move your heart and shine light for those in the dark. There will be times when you'll want to laugh and cry, but most of all this story will make you appreciate the gift of life. This is a remarkable story and a great adventure for those who love to read fiction novels. Catherine and Arianna remember to never let the waters run dry. 193339673 Release The Ink Release the Ink is a book of Inspirational Poems. Not only do these poems inspire, they teach a lesson as well. There are poems that describe how you can experience real true love. And, there are poems that express why people tend to hate. Many of the poems in Release the Ink speak of beauty and loving yourself. But most importantly, this book of poems is designed to reach the hearts and minds of the individual reading the book. 195936190 Heart Crush Heart Crush is a story about the trials and tribulations of a broken relationship. Brian and Marissa have been married for ten years. But, things are not what they used to be. In this book, you'll get a look inside the lives of this couple and view different angles and perspectives. It tells a story of life and love. There are various reasons two people fall in love. Heart Crush explores the relationship of two people who are drifting apart. 200853213